Welcome to Sintalia Interiors

                                                                                  Staging Real Homes to achieve the True Potential of your Home

“One-of-a-kind home decor”

We help to achieve the best results no matter what budget and size of the home. Whether it is for a quick sale, rental or just to lighten up the feel of your house! We tend to suit all your needs with highest customer service, enthusiasm and expertise.

We also offer up-cycled furniture sales at times, so keep checking for updates!

How can staging better the chances of a sale?

Most house purchase searches start online, which means the first impressions matter the most. Tastefully selected furniture, arrangement, lighting and colours attracts the potential buyers to visit the property, generating more viewers by standing out from competition.

The goal is to get people interested and fall in love with your home. An ispiration of beautiful living space allows them to visualise themselves within.   Having multiple interests may generate to higher offers or shorter time on the market!